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Mayor's High Five Award

Mayor's High Five

Kathleen Wrigley, the first Mayor's High Five Award winner, poses with Mayor Michael A. Nutter during the 2010 Philadelphia Marathon Weekend kickoff event. (Photo Credit: Bill Foster)

Are You Our Next Mayor's High Five Award Winner? Inevitably, you understand that life is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes along your journey, exceptional courage, fortitude, passion or pride are needed to overcome life's obstacles.

The Mayor's High Five Award recognizes GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon competitors in the 26.2.-mile-race whose pre-race journey to the starting line is as much of a victory as crossing the finish.

Share your true, inspirational story with us and maybe YOU will become the 2014 Mayor's High Five Award recipient.

Nomination Criteria

  • Anyone can nominate a runner who is registered for the 2014 GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon (26.2 miler) and runners are permitted to nominate themselves.
  • The nominee must share their story demonstrating courage, inspiration, pride or perseverance.
  • The nominee must be registered for the 2014 GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon (26.2 miles) on Sunday, November 23.
  • The nominee must be willing to make their story public in the media.
Mayor's High Five

"Winning the Mayor's High Five Award is an honor that humbled me," said Jude Dinan, the 2011 recipient of the Mayor's High Five Award. "To be recognized for the effort involved in overcoming life-threatening challenges and arriving at the starting line was exquisitely magical. The Mayor's High Five Award does something no other marathon does. It takes the time to recognize the effort of the majority of runners and their story bringing them to the starting line. Winning this award speaks to the connection we all share when we endeavor to achieve a goal?"

(Photo credit: David Ickes)

Highlights of Winning the Mayor's High Five Award

  • Mayor Michael A. Nutter will announce and introduce you as the recipient at the annual Philadelphia Marathon Weekend kickoff news event at the GORE-TEX® Health & Fitness Expo.
  • Your name and story will be acknowledged at the Philadelphia Marathon starting line on the morning of Sunday, November 23.
  • You are invited to join Mayor Nutter in the media area after you cross the finish line on Sunday, November 23.
  • Your story will inspire tens of thousands of people.
  • You will receive a complimentary entry for the 2015 GORE-TEX® Philadelphia Marathon.
  • You will hold the honor of being the official 2014 High Five Award winner for a full year!
Mayor's High Five

A dog attack, followed by a serious MRSA infection left Kim Pohas, 2012 recipient of the Mayor's High Five Award, with five months of physical therapy and frequent hospital stays. She used the 2012 Philadelphia Marathon as a way to reboot her life.

"I ran this marathon for myself and for the family and friends who have loved and supported me, helped me face my fears, and overcome my doubts," said Pohas. "Thank you, Philly."

(Photo credit: Bill Foster)


Mayor's High Five